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Moneybox Tech Blog

How we designed our in-app mortgage service.

At Moneybox, we’re on a mission to help everyone save and invest for their future. We’re already been helping hundreds of thousands of people in the Moneybox community to save for their first homes through our Lifetime ISA. Now, we’re excited to help on the next step of the journey, whether you’re buying your first home, next home or remortgaging.

In February this year, we launched Moneybox Mortgage Advice — a full in-app service to help find a mortgage that’s right for you. …

In this series, we’re showcasing some of the people who make Moneybox what it is and work hard to help us achieve our ambition of helping a everyone save and invest in their future.

This month we dive into the world of mobile development with our two resident experts here at Moneybox HQ. We quizzed Jaeren (Android Lead) and Valerio (iOS Lead) on their experience in this ever-growing field.

How did you get into mobile development — would you recommend it as a career path?

Valerio: It was really by chance, at a time when mobile development wasn’t popular yet. I joined a company that were experimenting with mobile technology and happened to be hiring graduates…

The Moneybox team has trebled in size over the last year. While expanding the team has been an exciting time for us and is key to making our app the best it can be, some teams have needed to make adjustments in order to keep up with the needs of the company as we grow. In this edition of our tech blog, our Head of Engineering, Sian, outlines the changes she’s made to the workflow of our tech teams since joining.

“A year ago when I started at Moneybox we were a very different company but a lot has changed…

As an app-based company, technology is at the very core of the Moneybox business. It is the primary point of contact between us and our customers-it being the interface by which our customers invest and access their funds. As such, making sure that the Moneybox app is robust is critical. Multiple teams each spend hundreds of hours designing, coding and testing each iteration of the Moneybox app. Today’s focus is on the mobile QA team who help bake quality into every stage of the product-development cycle. Moneybox would not be where it is without the hard work of our valued…

In late 2019 we revealed an exciting new look and brand identity for Moneybox. 🎨 This was a huge project worked on by every team at Moneybox, however with over 500 screen updates, our iOS and Android developers were key to bringing our new look to life.

Learn how our iOS Lead, Valerio, and his team, delivered on the project by developing a quick process that applied styles to UI components when writing code.

The problem

When designing new screens, we needed to have a simple way to apply different styles to UI components. New screens with components such as labels and…

This blog post is aimed at a technical audience and assumes prior knowledge of C#, Entity Framework Core and SQL Server.

The Investment Platform team at Moneybox is responsible for building the software that manages all of the money and assets held on behalf of our customers. These responsibilities include trading funds, calculating interest, processing deposits and withdrawals, and much more.

The system contains background jobs to perform many of its operations, often running overnight processing of large volumes of data, such as accruing daily interest for all of our cash accounts. As developers, we want to be able to…

Here at Moneybox, our QA team have recently started setting up an automated testing framework. This means tests that were previously manual are now potential candidates for being automated and run by a machine! Obviously this isn’t a magic bullet — by automating tests we are writing code and adding to our codebase, which needs to be optimised and maintained. However, once set up, the ongoing maintenance isn’t a huge burden and the benefits are immense. The automated pack can be run on a regular basis, which means the QA team are free to focus on testing other sections of…

At Google I/O 2019 arguably one of the biggest cheers was for Dark Theme , a systemwide setting on your phone which changes all apps which support it to a darker style. There are many reasons a user might want to do this — to save battery, to make your app easier to use in low light — it also looks pretty darn cool.

Luckily for us at Moneybox, around this time we were just about to go through a large re-design of the app, which gave us the perfect opportunity to embed dark mode into our design. …

Over the past six months, the team at Moneybox HQ have been working hard on a fresh new look for our brand. This month we take a sneak peek under the hood of this big project and speak with our design team who made this brand evolution possible.

Meet Jack and Thai, our super UI/UX designers and Mayumi, our graphic designer extraordinaire.

What is a rebrand and why was it an important step to take for Moneybox?

A rebrand is the process of changing the image of an organisation. As a company’s product evolves to meet the changing needs of its customers, its brand must evolve also. …

This month we go behind the scenes and dive into the tech world of the Moneybox app. We chat to Ed, Head of Cloud Apps, to learn how his team are using exciting new technology to power the Moneybox mobile apps.

You head up the Cloud Apps Team at Moneybox, what exactly does the team do?

The Cloud Apps Team build and run the ‘back-end’ systems that power the Moneybox mobile apps. Our systems securely supply the apps with account data and process instructions from our users. These systems all run on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform — hence Cloud Apps.

Our time is split between building new features from our product roadmap and…

Moneybox Tech Blog

Moneybox is helping people save and invest for the future.

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